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General Info

Housing: Shared Housing; Floor 3, Room 4.

Job: Perimeter Defense Engineer and Coordinator
. This means that he will be working closely with Perimeter Guard Captain Apple and the Government of Riverview Quarantine to develop, maintain, repair, and upgrade the protective armaments and laser fences on the outer wall of the Quarantine in an effort to make repopulation of the abandoned city possible.


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player information
name: Spencer
age: Late 20s!
contact: [ profile] flyawayblackbird
other characters: n/a

character information
name: Dr. Raymond Palmer (please, call him Ray)
canon: DCTV: The Arrow
canon point: End of Arrow Season 4, Before Legends of Tomorrow S1
age: 35

(canon) background: Ray Palmer on Arrowverse Wiki


A full list of Ray's abilities. Since I am taking Ray from an earlier canon point however, the items I would remove from that wiki page are "Skilled swordsman" and everything listed under "former equipment." Ray also has tiny microscopic nano-bots in his bloodstream and his suit (his design), both of which is what allows him to shrink to the size of a french fry without suffering side effects.

Ray is also the creator and owner of the A.T.O.M. Exosuit. See the full list of functions here.


If there's one thing that defines Ray, it's that he's always seeing the best in people. He's a bright, vibrant human being who is full of life, and he always likes to give others the benefit of the doubt. He isn't afraid of conflict and he doesn't avoid it, but he does forgive people very quickly. While he built his company on his own, he loves to collaborate with others — whether it's through super hero team ups, or just bringing a community together to help make their city better.

Ray also never gives up. At this canon point, Ray is forced to reckon with the fact that after the world thought he'd died, he has left behind no positive change in the world, despite everything he's worked towards. But instead of giving up, or wallowing in self-pity, he's talking a step back to re-assess, and to think about what he should be doing in his life differently.

He's able to let things go. While most people who build a billion-dollar company from scratch would think twice before giving it to someone else, Ray doesn't. Even in his day to day life, he's rich, but he's not materialistic. Even when he does own expensive things, such as art, he shares what he has with the public, by having the pieces on rotation at the local museum.

Finally, this is a strength and a weakness, but when it comes to ethical decision-making, Ray follows the rules. He's an eagle scout through and through, so he doesn't cheat, scam or swindle. Even when he's presented with easy opportunities to do something morally bad, Ray never considers it.


Ray is impulsive and it tends to get him into situations that he's not personally ready for. Like kissing a woman when he intends for the night to be strictly platonic. Or jumping into his suit as soon as it's functional, thinking that it will protect him in a dangerous situation, when he clearly needs more training and experience. When it comes to his superhero work and trying to do good in the world, this weakness leads Ray to make poor choices that, without his friends, would have easily gotten him killed.

He's drawn to helping people, but while Ray is extremely smart, he's also over enthusiastic, usually to the detriment of himself and those around him. When he's excited about someone, his behavior can come off as stalkerish. If he's excited about a project, he'll work on it for days without leaving his apartment or communicating with a human being.

Emotionally, he's also fighting two conflicting forces. On the one hand, Ray is an extremely committed person, but on the other hand, he doesn't expect the people he's committed to to stick around. So when it comes to emotional health and well-being, Ray is exceptionally prone to abuse. He doesn't play games when it comes to love or friendship, and he doesn't mind other people usually having the "upper hand" in a relationship, because he's so open with how he feels. Plus, once Ray cares about someone, unless you turn out to be a super villain (and maybe even then), Ray can't take his feelings back. He'll always care, and he'll always try to stay friends, even if how he feels blinds him to the reality of a situation.

skills (optional): mechanical and chemical engineer and molecular physicist (4 PhDs! what a guy), inventor, hacker/programmer, skilled businessman (successfully led a billion dollar company)

housing (optional): shared

network username: r.palmer

network sample:

[ The video feed flips on,and Ray's looking right at the camera. His grin is wide and genuine in a way that makes the typical viewer wonder if it's freeing, to wear such honest emotion on your face without any kind of mask. When he starts to speak, his voice is full of energy, though it does sound like maybe he's a little stuffed up at the moment. But if something's affecting Ray, it doesn't seem to have any dampening effect on his enthusiasm.

One might compare the friendly disposition of Ray Palmer to that of a puppy. Tomato, tomahtoe, really. ]

Hi everyone! I'm Ray. [ He waves, with the hand that isn't holding up his phone. ] It's a pleasure to meet all of you- or, well, you know, to have all of you meet me, since uh, it's not exactly like I can see you. [ That beautiful grin transforms into a chuckle before his eyes grow wide and his mouth opens for a second, like he's about to sneeze, but it passes. ]

Anyways, I was wondering. Does thiiiiis- [ The camera turns downwards, where there is a small cat, stretched out on the floor, with her tail swooshing slowly from side to side. ] -little guy belong to anyone? She- he? followed me home and I'm um ...

[ Apologetic — that's how he suddenly looks, and feels. ]

I'm afraid I'm allergic.

prose/action sample: Test Drive Meme


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